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Mike Berry

Hill & Valley Mowing began operating in 2007, and is owned and operated by Mike Berry. I grew up in Barren County, where I learned the importance of caring for the land, and investing in the care of your property from my father, a life long farmer.


I have tried to carry those principles over into my lawn care services.  I take pride in giving the proper care needed to the lawns I service, so that each customer can have a lawn they are proud of.


"Mike and his crew do great work and are committed to providing great customer service at a fair price. His method of aerating and seeding was very effective. We went from no lawn to a beautiful green very quickly. Mike saves you money because he owns an aerator that really cuts through the soil and sets you up for success. I highly recommend Mike. He is a great guy!


Wes C"




"Mike is always kind and does a wonderful job! Really recommend his services.


Katie W."




"My back yard was horribly overgrown. It's surrounded by a fence with a gate too small to get a mower through, and my dogs were lost whenever they stepped off the patio. I called Mike for an estimate, since he'd been mowing my front yard all summer. I left for work one morning with a jungle and came home to a beautiful yard at lunch. I don't know how he did it so thoroughly so quickly and at such a good price, but I'm very impressed. My front yard always looks great too.


Thanks so much,

Carrie H."





"Hi Mike,


I wanted to let you know how well we liked our service.  As you know, our grass was getting so high I was losing children in the backyard.  I gave Hill & Valley a call and the very next day your man was at my home.  He mowed over the back yard, and without being asked, mowed it a SECOND time, so we didn't have piles of hay everywhere.  After weed-eating and making everything look tidy he pulled out the blower and cleaned off my porch and driveways with it.  My yard has NEVER looked so good!  On top of all this, he was so friendly and easy to talk to.  It was really a pleasure to have him come to do the work.  I did not have that awkward feeling of a strange person at my home, grudgingly doing his work and trying to leave as fast as he could.  He was friendly, took care with my lawn and worked fast and efficiently.  This has been the best mowing experience that I have ever had.  Thank you so much!


I hope to do business with you again soon!

Jamie C."




“Mike and his crew have been taking care of my yard for 3 yrs. and it's never looked better. We used to have bare spots but now it's full! I always wanted a yard that looked like the outfield of a baseball park, now I do! Thanks Mike!


Larry M.”





Hill & Valley Mowing

1890 Flippen Lamb Road

Tompkinsville, KY 42167

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